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#IamNewIndia Resolution 

The Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji has laid down his clear vision for a new India. A new India that will take shape by the 75th year of India’s Independence in 2022.

Since 2014, under the leadership of the Honourable Prime Minister, the country has leap-frogged into a new era of transparency, positive change and inclusive development, creating a large unprecedented, positive impact on the lives of the common man.

This impact has been created through various policy initiatives of the NDA Government, that have unlike earlier governments, not simply remained on paper, but have been executed in a manner that not only positively affected the lives of the common man, but most importantly, been accepted by the common man.

The BJYM, commends this approach of a new paradigm of participative democracy, where the youth of country actively contribute in the process of nation building.

The BJYM resolves to encourage this method of participative democracy among the youth.

The aspirations of the youth are what drive the creation of a new India, and keeping with the aspirations, the Honourable Prime Minister has announced a pledge for citizens to participate in this process through the Narendra Modi app.

The 9 pledges are:

I stand for a corruption-free India

The complete elimination of corruption and black money, which have slowed the pace of India’s growth, is an imminent goal for the nation. We shall pledge not to encourage or tolerate corruption.

I will undertake increased cashless transactions.

Towards achieving the goal of a corruption free India, we need to promote the usage of cashless transactions through digital avenues. We also should inspire family and friends to adopt a cashless way of life.

I will dedicatedly work towards a Swachh Bharat

A clean India is among the aspirations of everyone. Towards this, we should devote time for cleaning activities in immediate surroundings, public places etc and motivate others to do the same. We need to refrain from habits of littering and dirtying.

I will ensure a Drug Free India

Increasing usage of substance and drugs by youth has become a challenge before the nation, which aspires to build the future India on the foundations of its youth power. We should not indulge in substance abuse and spread awareness on the harms of substance abuse, especially among the youth.

I will support and encourage Women led development

Nari shakti is an integral strength of the new India. We should express our faith in women-led development. Any act or comments that lower the dignity and respect of a woman should be prevented.

I stand for protection of nature and natural resources

Our natural resources and wide natural diversity are the wealth of the nation. Its protection is our responsibility. We should pledge not harm the nation’s natural beauty and live in harmony with the flora and fauna with which we share our planet with. We should engage in regular tree plantation initiatives and make India a greener place.

I extend my complete support to an Accessible India

Sugamya Bharat is the dream of the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Time for an Accessible India has come, where there are equal opportunities for Divyang sisters and brothers. Wherever possible or required we should ensure the right infrastructure is there for accessibility.

I stand for an India of Shanti, Ekta, Sadbhavana

It is the duty of every citizen to ensure Shanti, Ekta and Sadbhavana and raise voice against any form of exploitation, based on the caste, creed, age, gender, economic status, region or religion of the person.

I will be a job creator, not job seeker.

India is a nation with great entrepreneurial energy. For creating an India buzzing with start-ups & innovation, we should devote ourselves to entrepreneurship & innovation. We should build an India where youth should aspire to become job creators instead of job seekers.

This initiative of downloading the Narendra Modi app and taking the #IamNewIndia pledge is supported by the BJYM.

The BJYM resolves to reach out to the youth to download the Narendra Modi app and take the pledge for a new India.