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पत्र : 14 अगस्त को देश भर में मशाल जुलूस निकालें


Letter from Lt. Anurag Thakur Ji, National President, BJYM - 10-8-2016


Actions to be executed:

  • One Tiranga Flag and remaining party flags must be held in hand.
  • Mashaal must remain flaming and orderly for longer period.
  • Placards with patriotism slogans.
  • Proper arrangements for patriotic songs and sound.
  • Before time assembly.
  • Banner of the design sent by Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha.
  • Invite to a local respected and senior citizen.
  • Invites to party’s senior office bearers, MPs and Legislators.
  • Some karyakartas must lookafter the arrangements and remain present on the route in advance.
  • Utterance of patriotic slogans from time to time.
  • There must be minimum 70 Mashaals.