Political Resolution

March 7, 2008

Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha

Veerangna Sammelan

7th March, 2008

Political Resolution

We are proud to be members of that Political Party which has written its name in golden letters in the history of women empowerment in India. BJP Yuva Morcha extends its gratitude and heartiest thanks to BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh ji who not only declared that 33% seats in all organization posts will be reserved for women but made this dream into a reality. A committee for this purpose was established under the leadership of former Union Minister and present Deputy Leader of Rajya Sabha Smt. Sushma Swaraj. Due to the commitment and untiring hard work of this committee, these historic proposals become a reality.

BJP National Council adopted 33% reservation for women in all organizational posts on 28 Jan. 2008.

As rightly observed by Sushma Swaraj ji, whenever, wherever and whoever will do research on the history of women empowerment in India, will have to refer to the BJP National Council meet at New Delhi where this proposal was adopted On the contrary, UPA promised to give 33 % reservation for women and included this in its Common Minimum Programme. But even after completion of 4 years of rule or rather misrule of UPA, women reservation remains a distant dream. This is more shameful as UPA chairperson herself is a women.

Today in this Veerangna Sammelan, we want to felicitate the Woman of today. She is surging forward in her career, reaching heights which are unprecedented and unparalleled and yet is deeply embedded in her family ties – trying to fulfill her duty at home, towards her family and her children. The woman of today is inspired by the ideal of Jhansi Ki Rani – riding the horse with one hand, wielding the sword in the other, with a small child tied at the back. The woman of today is reaching the Moon as Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, heading Pepsi International as Ms. Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi, writing books and winning the prestigious Booker Prize as Kiran Desai, ranking among top 30 players of the world in Tennis and Badminton as Sanya Mirza and Saina Nehwal respectively,

Given an opportunity, she has the burning passion to prove herself in all walks of life.

Yet she has to face social, economic, political and cultural hurdles in her day-to-day life.

Socially, the problem of female infanticide, child marriage, and dowry are still rampant in many parts of India. Woman equality and woman safety are a cause of concern in our civil society. The growing incidents of molestation and rape of women by cab drivers in the BPO sectors underline the need to have employment in a safe and secure environment.

The obscene portrayal of woman in the print and electronic media not only shows womanhood in poor light but also leads to an increase in the rate of crime and violence against women. Like most offences, Crime against Women is steadily on the rise in India. Of the total crimes reported in the country seven per cent constitute Crime against Women. This may not be alarming at first sight but the point is many crimes are not reported.

In films as well as advertisements she is shown as a commodity as a symbol of consumerism. Who can forget the incident in Guwahati in November 2007when a woman who was participating in a demonstration was attacked, her clothes torn off and she was chased by a crowd of people. She ran through the lanes and by-lanes of Guwahati with her clothes torn off, crying for help. Instead of helping her, the crowd of young men clicked her nude photographs from their mobile cameras. Even the policemen, who were on duty, were silent spectators to this gruesome incident. The Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha strongly condemns such an inhuman and barbaric incident.

BJP Yuva Morcha also condemns the irresponsible and scintillating manner in which the whole incident was covered by the print and electronic media. BJP Yuva Morcha also condemns the shameful incident of torture of girls and women by the CPI (M) cadre in Nandigram. BJP Yuva Morcha also condemns the shocking incident of insulting women by a group of men in Mumbai on the eve of the New Year. Such incidents are a blot on the face of any civil society. Thus the greatest irony of the situation is that while women are marching forward full of enthusiasm and confidence in various walks of life, they have to face violence, offences relating to their gender and exploitation both at home and outside. More so when the states in which these shameful incidents have happened, are either ruled by the congress or its allies of the UPA. BJP Yuva Morcha categorically states that the youth of today especially the young girls and women of today do not expect anything from this political culture of the Congress and UPA which is responsible for the murder of Naina Sahni, Jessica Lal, Priyadarshni Mattu, Kunjum Budhraj and other such crimes against women.

Thus for a comprehensive, all-round, balanced growth of the nation, an all round growth of the women is a pre-condition.

Thus BJP Yuva Morcha demands the following and pledges to work for them :-

1. That 33% reservation should be granted to women in all the decision-making bodies. Thus they should be given 33% reservation in all Assembly and parliamentary elections.

2. That Laws against sexual harassment, violence at work places; domestic violence against women and offences relating to sexual violence should be implemented in an effective & an efficient manner.

3. That colleges imparting professional courses and vocational training centre should be opened up in villages for women at affordable fees. This will empower the rural girls & women economically.

4. That working women hostels should be established in cities in adequate numbers so that the women coming to the cities can get a safe, secure, comfortable and an affordable accommodation.

5. That day-care-centers as also crèche facility should be provided at offices employing women.

6. That more women should be recruited in the police force gender sensitization training programmes should be held at regular basis for the police force. This is especially important as in many incidents police officers instead of being protectors, have emerged as perpetrators of crime (as seen in Guwahati, Nandigram, Haryana).

7. That apart from the proclaimed self regulation by the media, some kind of a regulatory body should be made to oversee that the women are not portrayed in an obscene and demeaning manner in electronic and print media.

These are not just demands but our sincere commitment to the nation in general and womanhood in particular.

      BJP Yuva Morcha pledges to give the much deserved hand of support to the woman of today in her sincere endeavors to fight the evils and obstacles which come in her way to plunge forward and do the nation proud.