Dear Friends,

India is home to 243 million youth., constituting nearly one quarter of the total population of the country thereby making India one of the youngest countries in the world. This young working population, full of energy and ideas is the fuel that is pushing the socio-economic growth of the country.

“Engage, Empower and then Inspire the youth towards building a progressive India”

The Youth of this is country is where the Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has put his faith in, be it through various schemes, to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in young India, or encourage digital payments, and create a Swachh Bharat. The Government, under the leadership of the Honorable Prime Minister is ensuring that young India grows, because if young India progresses, all of India progresses.

I encourage young people to come forward and be part of an India that is rapidly transforming, a young India that is pushing the envelope for change. 2022 will mark 75 years of India’s independence. In the past three years, India has leap frogged on the strength of its youth, and it is up to us, together to build a new India.

I have seen through my interactions, that young people will never be happy with status co, and want to engage with the government on multiple levels. Young India wants a collaborative process, a participative democracy. This impatient energy of young people is the driving force of change, and we welcome and accept it.

I call upon you, to come forward, work with us, and together, I promise you, we can build a new India. A India that you, and our future generations will be proud of.


Poonam Mahajan (MP)
National President
Bharitya Janta Yuva Morcha