Resolution on Jammu & Kashmir

Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha National Executive Meeting
Mumbai, 14 Sept. 2010

Political Resolution

The UPA – II government has completed fifteen months of governance at the centre. Like its previous ‘avatar’’ in UPA I, it has been a government of inertia and non achievement with no specific implementation of policies of its credit. It has mostly been a governance of chaos, confusion, compromise and corruption which has thrown the youth of this nation towards a directionless, goal-less future. The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha abhors such a government to run you nation.

Expansion of Maoist activities:
Maoist activities and their intensity have increased and their presence has become more effective. Maoists are now present in almost 210 districts of our country of which their presence in almost 90 of them has been intense, effective and extreme. The so called Red Corridor and other areas are spread over 92,000 Sq Km or nearly 40% of India!
Naxalism is pure and simple TERRORISM, which disguises itself with terms like “class struggle” and “social justice”. Naxalites pose a challenge to India’s democratic polity and rule of law; they pose an ideological threat that questions the legitimacy of the Indian State.

Maoism is a militarized movement which thrives on poverty to eliminate democracy and capture the Indian state through armed struggle and guerilla warfare. The Maoists believe that power will flow from the barrel of the gun. Large masses of tribal youth are being exploited and are being misled into ideologies against political freedom, individual freedom, fundamental rights, free press, independent judiciary, free and fair elections or any form of entrepreneurship. These youth are being misled to fight for “sustained poverty”.

The duplicity shown by the Congress party and UPA government is demoralizing in this fight to protect the democratic values of our constitution. Be it Rahul Gandhi who shared the dias with an alleged Maoist in Lanjigarh or Mamata Banerjee who screamed at the top of her voice in Lalgarh that the Maoist terrorist Azad was murdered by the security forces, these democratically elected leaders have brought disrepute to Indian democracy by siding with these extremists. It is clear that having half (or even more) a Maoist sitting in the treasury bench can only boost the morale of these left-wing extremists.

The UPA has failed to realize the enormity of the problem and is wasting all opportunities in the battle against Maoists. The BJYM condemns the UPA and the Congress for distorting the discourse of a strong security response against Maoists by espousing root-cause theories and treating the Maoists and tribal’s as a unified entity. BJYM is of a clear opinion that these anti-nation, anti-democracy and anti-development forces should be dealt with and eliminated.

Law and order, though a state subject, the central government cannot abandon its responsibility when this so called state subject becomes a threat to India’s sovereignty and parliamentary democracy. The Yuva Morcha suggests that the UPA should speak in one voice and curb the Maoist menace forthwith.

Price rise:
The Congress led UPA government which has assumed office for the second time under the slogan “Congress ka Haath-Aam Aadmi ke Saath” is now facing its “Waterloo” due to the rising inflation in food prices. It is tragic that inspite of renowned economists like Dr. Manmohan Singh heading the central government there has been no strategy to control the rising prices and protect the “Aam Aadmi”.

The BJYM alleges the UPA government for patronizing the interest of the middlemen at the cost of the common man. The allegations and irregularities relating to export and import of food grains also prove the same. Yuva Morcha seeks an answer from the UPA as to why it has failed to provide food grains at affordable prices when the government godowns are rotting with their stock.

The BJYM reflects on the strategy of the NDA regime under Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee where homogeneity between the farmer and the consumers was established and the nation was introduced to sound food management inspite of natural calamities. The BJYM suggests the Congress and its leaders to learn and adopt its predecessor’s successful food policies and save the “Aam Aadmi” of the country.

Commonwealth Games or Common man’s wealth Games?
It is a shame that the successful bid for the Commonwealth Games in 2003 during the NDA regime which should have brought pride to India has been thrown open to widespread and unprecedented corruption by the present government agencies and the organizers of the Commonwealth Games.

Verily this is indeed, a scam for the government, of the government and by the Government! Rumbling edifices, poor preparation, stinking corruption, ministers washing dirty linen in public, extreme nepotism, shameful planning and outright theft have become the Hall of Shame for the Commonwealth Games.

The special report of the Comptroller and the Auditor General of India (CAG) of 2009 and the findings of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) have shown that thousands and crores of public money has been siphoned off by the organizing committee of the Commonwealth Games and various departments and agencies of the Congress led Delhi government. Procurement of goods and services at exorbitant rates – for ex- Rs. 4000 plus for toilet paper rolls and Rs. 9000 plus for soap dispensers is laughable!

The BJYM demands to conduct an extensive investigation into this large scale “Scam Game”. The government should take responsibility, provide transparency and try to restore the confidence of the people of the country. The corruption in conduct of the Games will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the corrupt, inefficient and incompetent UPA Government. By shaming India in front of the International community, the UPA has lost the right to rule the country and should quit immediately.

The government and the organizers of the Commonwealth Games should realize that the largest stakeholders of the games are the youth of India. The Yuva Morcha suggests all possible measures to be adhered to, to encourage the spirit of sports among the youth and sports persons of the nation.

Illegal Migration:
Illegal migration is perhaps the greatest threat to the integrity of our country and its economy .It is known by all and the sundry that these illegal infiltrators are slowly becoming monsters even as they are busy spawning their progeny onto the streets of India, Increasing the population, causing socio-economic problems, snatching away the jobs of the legitimate Indian citizens and being in cahoots with all Anti national agencies, within and without India, CREATING AN ENORMOUS SECURITY PROBLEM.

The left and the Congress is not only turning a Nelson’s eye to this issue but its local leaders with the covert support and backing of the party are in fact encouraging this trend, undermining India’s Security and that of its citizens, only to create a Vote Bank for their parties. The unabated influx of illegal migrants from Bangladesh into Assam and the consequent change in the demographic pattern of the state threatens to reduce the Assamese people to a minority in their own state. This large scale illegal migration is a deliberate design towards fulfilling the long cherished dream of creating a greater East Pakistan and utilizing Assam as a land link to invoke disastrous strategic and economic consequences within our country. BJYM observes that due to the impending large scale infiltration from Bangladesh, the cultural survival, political control and employment opportunities of the indigenous Assamese people especially the youth will be undermined.

The Yuva Morcha demands a quick action from the UPA and Congress government in the state to address this problem. It demands an extensive and rigorous census to be done to determine the number of illegal migrants from Bangladesh in the state. The Yuva Morcha warns to desist from any misconceived notion of secularism while doing so.

Youth and Employment:
The BJYM unanimously resolves that India is one of the fastest growing nations in the world with the largest population of youth in any country. It is also observed that capacity building of this huge population of young human resources needs to be the primary impetus of our country in order to position India as a power house of knowledge and capacity thereby making India a more economically powerful and vibrant nation. It is indeed a sorry state that lakhs of educated youth vie for a few hundred group D jobs in west Bengal. This is a similar case in most of the states ruled by the UPA and the left.

It would be apt to say- Congress ka Haath bana aam aadmi ke liye abhshrap!

The Congress party promised to create one crore jobs in its 2004 manifesto but the irony is that in 2009-2010 13 lakh workers lost their jobs. “The economist” Prime Minister and his policies have failed in creating jobs or in creating an environment for entrepreneurship. This has affected every youth and especially those belonging to the weaker sections of the society. The 3% quota for the disabled too is now a myth and the disabled are feeling left out by this government.

Yuva Morcha contemplates preparation of a National Youth Mission document based on important social ingredients of “Surakshya, Sikshya, Rozgar”, to provide a strategy for wholesome, integral and economic growth of youth and India. There has been a substantial growth in industrialization and infrastructure development in our country with lesser focus on labor intrinsic employment. There is a wide gap between employment generation and per capita growth of the country.

This BJYM notes, is due to the dearth of availability of vocational training and job specific education which needs to be very sincerely addressed for employment and self -employment. The BJYM also suggests that the government needs to initiate provision for free study loans.

Role of BJYM:
The Yuva Morcha is all set to demonstrate with renewed vigor that it is the only youth movement in the country which will expose the anti-people policies and governance of UPA II. We have a new President and a fresh group of youth leaders across the country which stems to provide confidence and conviction to the youth of India. The Yuva Morcha cadre resolves to march ahead towards nation building keeping intact the values of our culture, tradition and belief

Jai Hind Jai Bharat